2001 was a sad time for members of my family

I would like to share just a few thoughts and memories on time that I spent at the home of Rhoda Wise.  It was in 2001 which was a sad time for members of my family.  My daughter-in-law had suffered two miscarriages after wanting a child deeply.  My daughter who had high hopes of meeting a good man and one day entering marriage repeatedly experienced disappointments through unhealthy relationships.  On Good Friday,2001, I invited these two young women to take a trip to Canton to visit Rhoda Wise home, a kind of pilgrimage for the day.  They said yes and the next thing I recall was witnessing my daughter-in-law with tears rolling down her face trying to accept what was happening to her sitting in the chair Jesus sat in while conversing with Rhoda Wise.  My daughter spent the time walking around the home soaking up the peace and hope presented to her in that holy place.  While praying for them, I also placed petitions in the prayer box that my daughter-in-law would conceive a healthy child and my daughter would meet a godly man through the intercession of St. Therese. the Little Flower.  We shared a peaceful, prayerful time together on the Church’s day of Our Lord’s Passion.

In October of that year, 2001, our son and daughter-in-law traveled to Florida to celebrate their anniversary and shortly after announced to the family that they were expecting a child, my grandson, who was born in June, 2002.  A couple of years later. they conceived another son born in July, 2005.  I praise God through his Son, Jesus, and the intercession of St. Therese and Rhoda Wise.

In 2003, a friend of my daughter who lives in Canton met my then future son-in-law and said to him “You remind me of a friend of mine who has so much in common with you—faith, interests, goals, etc.  I would love for you to meet her, but she is in another relationship.”  My son-in-law said, “I will give you my number.  If she is ever free, give me a call.”  This friend of my daughter had no religious upbringing, knows little about a faith walk, but recognized God’s prompting in this situation. The rest is history.  My daughter for the last time in tears and disappointment broke off that relationship, was introduced to her future husband and was married in late October, 2005.  Yes, he is the godly man that I prayed for at the home of Rhoda Wise in 2001, and God sent through the intercession of St. Therese, my daughter’s patron saint.  They are growing spiritually together enjoying their life in the Church. Praise God for His faithfulness–in His time, not ours.

In the summer of 2007, my daughter went to Canton to spend a couple of days with the friend who had introduced her to her husband.  Out of the blue, while driving along the highway this friend said, “Do you think you could take me to that house where you and your mother prayed?”  My daughter called me for the phone number of Rhoda’s house and within an hour they were there.  While enjoying the beauty of the home and the history it contained, this friend began asking my daughter if she could smell the roses.  My daughter did not, but the insistence of this friend -completely engulfed by the sweet scent of roses -was now puzzled in this mystery.  As they left the house she could not stop thinking about what took place there, and although, as of yet, she has not become Catholic, she is making better choices for her life. has come to a greater respect for herself, and is seeking God through her questions, her thoughts and her experiences.  Once again, I know that in HIs time, He will move her forward through the intercession of Our Blessed Mother, the Little Flower, and Rhoda Wise—and through the memory of the fragrance of those roses.  ML  02/2009

I stopped in front of the Statue of The Sacred Heart and saw him bless me with the sign of the cross!

I was invited to visit Rhoda Wise’s house. I carried with me the burden of my husband who had been disabled for eight years and who was getting worse and very depressed, as well as our poor economic situation.  When I arrived at the home and after watching the video I realized something had happened.  I felt something different in me.

I stopped in front of the Statue of The Sacred Heart and saw him bless me with the sign of the cross!

When I arrived home I heard  that my husband’s unresolved accident case had been reviewed and a jury trial would begin in a few weeks.  We won the case!  God turned everything in our favor! Oh Lord!  My God!  M.10/15/2015

I think I was healed today when I was at the Rhoda Wise house

I was part of a group that visited the Rhoda Wise Home on Saturday, October 13, 2007. I came with a group organized by my sister-in-law. We both prayed there for our daughters who were in need of healing. That evening I went out on my deck and slipped because it was wet. I immediately noticed that my leg felt different. I have suffered for the last 12 years with chronic pain in my hamstring from an injury I got while teaching gymnastics. Over the years the pain has been at different levels, something I can live with, but frustrating because it limits my range of motion significantly. There have been times when it has been much better and then I will aggravate it and will have to start all over again… When I initially injured it, I could barely walk, let alone lead my usual very active lifestyle. I was able to get to a point I could live with it, but never felt it returned to pre-injury flexibility…I re-injured my leg and went to an orthopedic surgeon who determined I had a lot of scar tissue that limited my range of motion. He sent me to physical therapy where I was given ultra-sound treatments and exercises he would run me through. Upon my second round of physical therapy I felt better than I had in a long time, but was told never to run on incline (as on a treadmill with a steep grade). I was told to keep it stretched out at all times by doing flexibility exercises like I would find in yoga… my leg has been about the same until this summer (2007). While at a lake in New York with some friends I got brave and decided to try to water ski. What a mistake, I immediately re-injured my leg and spent 3 days sitting on ice bags and barely able to walk. I have sat in frustration since then spending very frustrating yoga classes barely able to stretch at all. My leg would get a little better and then something would happen to re-injure it again. I slipped at my daughter’s wedding August 11, 2007 and re-injured it. It seemed every time it would get a little bit worse. I had told my husband that in January, 2008 I was going to have to seek a doctor’s help as I could not take the pain. I had started to have lots of dull aches all the way down to my calf. I hate to take medicine to mask the pain but was having to take pain relievers to try to keep it somewhat flexible. This is why I was so stunned on October 13 when I slipped and felt nothing. I came in the house and told my husband,” I think I was healed today when I was at the Rhoda Wise house, sitting in the gold chair that Jesus had sat in.” I don’t know why this was the first thought that popped into my head but it was there. When I sat in the chair at the house I had not even thought about my leg. My rational side thought “No way, I am sure when I go to yoga next week I will still have pain.” I did not ever take a yoga class before I was injured so I have not had a class with such a freedom of movement. I am sure my leg was healed at the home. I am not sure why it was me, I am not deserving of it, and I am not the best Catholic or the most religious person. I do say the rosary everyday, as I feel that nothing has helped shape my children more than this. I have 5 children and feel that the rosary is the perfect prayer because I can say a decade with each one of them in mind… I think there may be no reason exactly why I have been so blessed but I do feel it is important for me to tell this story. I don’t think I am supposed to keep it to myself. KW

My husband was diagnosed with Parkinson’s and Parkinson’s dementia

My husband was diagnosed with Parkinson’s and Parkinson’s dementia. He was unresponsive for a year while I cared for him at home. In early February (2014) our television was on for every Fox 8 broadcast that told the story of Rhoda Wise and her house of miracles. On February 17, I visited the home with my sisters and asked for the grace to continue to care for my husband with joy and peace. I touched the window the miraculous light came through and when I got home touched my husband and prayed for his healing. About ten days later I was startled to hear my husband laughing at something on TV. From that time on, he has continued to improve by the day. He is able to speak and carry on a conversation. He has gone back to church. As a matter of fact, it was while I was holding his hand during the Our Father at Mass that I first noticed he was no longer trembling. He has even called the Bureau of Motor Vehicles to see if he can get his drivers license reinstated. His doctors can give no explanation for the change. I believe it is a miracle and cannot stop myself from telling it. RR

He saw a light in the house that no one else saw

My grandfather hated Catholics and would not let my grandmother go to Mass. In the 1940’s, while Rhoda was still alive, he came to Rhoda’s home on a bus pilgrimage from Detroit. When the bus arrived, he saw a light in the house that no one else saw. When the group came in, they found out that Our Lord had just been there. Out everyone there, Rhoda called him over to her and gave him a Sacred Heart Badge. The odor of roses was on the bus on the way home. My grandfather converted and made rosaries until he died. AK

I told the volunteers at Rhoda’s house that I was a walking dead person

I was at Rhoda’s home in January 2015. My blood work was very bad and had been for awhile. My red blood count was down and the white count was down to 1. The doctors wanted to do a biopsy of my hip, but I refused as the risk of infection was so great. I told the volunteers at Rhoda’s house that I was a walking dead person. The next month when I went to the doctor my doctor told me I had a miracle. My blood work was normal. I was healed! BB

The doctor told the family to prepare for his funeral

My son-in-law was given a new medicine that almost killed him. He was on life support for 4 days. The doctor told the family to prepare for his funeral. I took my daughter some of the holy water (from Rhoda Wise’s home) and told her to make a cross on his forehead as often as possible. He came out of it and left the hospital in a week with no residual effects. The medicine had caused internal bleeding and the doctors can not explain how he survived.

Remarkable Cure of Mother Angelica

Remarkable Cure of Rita Francis Rizzo (Mother Angelica)

I, Rita Francis, so hereby swear that all the facts given below are true:

In April, 1939 , I became very ill with what seemed to doctors at that time the lack of all calcium in my body. This condition made me extremely nervous. So much so, that during school, I could not stand the crowds and noise and as a result I would run home. What we thought then, the lack of calcium, was really the beginning of my illness. By taking calcium injections and nerve medicine, this condition seemed to be relieved until December 1940.

In December I became very ill with stomach spasms. These spasms would last about an hour. The spasms would begin by first, my knees and elbows becoming very weak. Then my stomach and intestines would quiver and my hands, forehead, and feet would become very cold and it seemed I perspired by the gallons. The only thing that helped were several cups of hot water. After the spasms a diarrhea would follow and last for about a day. The spasms were so frequent that I was unable to ride any buses or do any work at all. Also, during the spasms I would get very sharp pains in the stomach and several times would double up. These spasms would occur about three times a week.

In July 1941, when Dr. James Pagano examined me he first thought it was either ulcers or gall bladder. Different medicines proved it was neither of these. In November, 1941, Dr. Pagano sent me to Mercy Hospital for x-rays. I was there for one day and a half. The X-rays showed that I had Ptosis of the stomach. This is commonly known as “dropped stomach”. Dr. Pagano told me, after examining the X-rays, that my stomach had dropped down to the pelvic bone. He also said that an obstruction was made at the mouth of my stomach. As my stomach was dropped the tendon would stretch over the mouth of the stomach, closing it, and thereby causing great pain. Dr. Papoff, who took the X-rays, prescribed a surgical belt to be specially made. This was made by Mrs. Bechley of the Bowman Drug Company. This belt seemed to help until April of 1942 when I again had spasms, at which time I went to Dr. Wiley Scott.

Dr. Scott told me the pad in the garment was too small and that it would have to be 1- 1/8 ” thick and 6” long and 4-1/2” wide. He also told me that I would have to sleep with my bed elevated 8” at the foot. I was not allowed to take it off unless I was in bed, or to get out of bed unless I had it on. My bed being elevated, pushed my stomach in place so that I could take the garment off without suffering. In the morning I would have to balance myself on my heels and shoulders and then put the garment on. When I would get up and my stomach fall it would rest on the pad.

When my stomach would fall, besides these spasms, I would have a very heavy feeling in the stomach. At times I thought that I wouldn’t last another day. One evening, I decided to see how long I could stand it without the garment. I took it off and as I glanced down at my stomach the lower part of my abdomen was very large and at the left side there was lump about the size of a lemon. I was up for only fifteen minutes when my stomach began to hurt and five minutes later I had to put on the surgical belt. The pain stopped almost instantly. Without a garment the only way I could live would have been to stay in bed.

Before my x-rays were taken I lost twenty pounds. All the food that I ate would lay at the very bottom of my stomach and therefore, do me no good at all. It would take me three times as much time to digest food as compared to normal people.

In November of this year I became very ill with these spasms again. This time my nerves were worse than ever. Mother thought perhaps I should get a new surgical belt. The pad in this garment was larger and very uncomfortable. This garment kept my stomach up but this pressure was so great that large blisters were formed on both hips. The blisters broke and the skin rubbed off. The staves from this garment prevented me from bending over. The pain from this garment was so great that I was forced to go home from work. I was in bed 10 days. The scabs on my hips prevented me from putting on my garment. My nerves were shot. I couldn’t sleep or eat. My hands would shake and my left arm would get numb. After ten days in bed I went back to work. But my garment was so uncomfortable that it made me extremely nervous. I couldn’t type, write, or even concentrate. I was forced to quit a course I was taking at Canton Actual because I couldn’t concentrate.

My garment had been sent to Mrs. Bechley to see if she could in any way make the garment more comfortable. The garment was sent to her three times. After the third time, I decides to wear it whether I suffered or not. Dr. Scott said that operations were not successful. Garments and medicine did me no good. I had never been without pain one day since my illness began until January 8,1943 when I went to see Mrs. Wise.

That night I shall never forget. I can’t express the feelings I had when I sat in the chair Our Blessed Lord sat on. We were there a half hour. Mrs. Wise gave me the prayer to the Little Flower and told me to make some sort of sacrifice and to tell the Little Flower that if I were cured I would spread the devotion. I did all this and Mother and friends said the novena with me.

Saturday I went to work with my garment on and felt fine. On Friday, January 8, I had suffered all day and all that week. Sunday morning I was cured. During the night I would wake up about every hour and something would seem to tell me not put the garment on Sunday morning. And another voice would say to put it on. “You won’t be cured, it’s all a fake.” Then I’d go back to sleep and in another hour the same thing would happen.

During the night I got the sharpest pain in my stomach that I have ever had. It seemed that something was pulling my stomach right out. Sunday morning when I got up to go to 11:30 Mass I got up without my garment and the lump that was there before was gone. My stomach was up. I walked around the house for an hour and the heavy feeling that I always had was also gone. I walked to church, which is a half mile, and knelt during Mass without any pain whatsoever.

Sunday afternoon the devil was tempting me. By tempting me I mean, putting thoughts into my mind. Thoughts that said I was not cured and Our Lord cannot perform miracles. I told my Grandmother of these thoughts and she told me to make the sign of the cross when they came. When I did these thoughts disappeared immediately.

From that day on I have had absolutely no pain. The lump is gone, the spasms and heaviness is gone. Before I couldn’t stay up fifteen minutes without great pain. Now I eat everything, which I couldn’t do before; walk up steps and do everything every normal person can do.

On January 14, I gave my garment to Mrs. Wise. Our Blessed Lord had made me whole. I believe Our Lord cured me through the intercession of St. Therese. For the rest of my life I shall spread devotion to her and the Sacred Heart. I shall be eternally grateful to Mrs. Wise for all she has done for me. I know the Sacred Heart has put her here to help those who need physical and spiritual help. May God bless her every minute of the day.

Signed: Rita Francis

I, Mae Francis, mother of Rita, do hereby testify that the above statements are all true and correct. Rita was born April 20, 1923: was 19 when cured: and entered the cloister of Franciscan Nuns of Perpetual Adoration in Cleveland, Aug. 15, 1944: and professed Jan. 2nd, 1947 at Sancta Clara, Canton, Ohio.

Poor Clares of Perpetual Adoration – Mother Angelica’s Biography

I know I had a spiritual healing that day.

I had been away from the Church and sacraments for sometime. My cousin from Sharon, PA called me one Saturday morning wanting to come over to make a visit to Rhoda Wise’s home…I told my cousin that I would find out how to get there, but that I would not go with her. After much pleading by my cousin and to avoid a high phone bill for her, I finally agreed to take her there. My cousin, her two daughters, my sister, my niece, my daughter and myself all went together. We walked into this small humble home in 1980. I smelled the scent of roses like I had never smelled roses before and have never again. The hair on my arms stood up. I was walking around looking behind all of the pictures for rose scented sachets that I figured must be hidden behind these pictures. This lady with a little smile on her face came up to me and asked if she could help me. I told her I smelled roses but could not see any. I asked her what was behind the closed door…She told me her living quarters were behind that door. I had the audacity to ask if I could look there for the roses. She told me certainly. I even looked in the bathroom. I could find no trace of roses anywhere. This lady told me the smell of roses was from St. Theresa, the Little Flower. I went down on my knees and cried uncontrollably for a very long time. I know I had a spiritual healing that day. JJ

I remember being awakened by a strong smell of roses.

Around mid April this year (2000) I visited the home of Rhoda Wise with two friends. I listened, along with my friends, to Rhoda’s story. We then visited Rhoda’s room and sat on Our Lord’s chair.
In 1986 I was in an accident during a bicycle race in Hawaii. I broke my collarbone and tore all the ligaments in my right shoulder. A year later another accident resulted in the same collarbone being broken. Ever since the first accident I developed alot of day to day pain in my right shoulder. It was considerably weakened and as I got older I began to develop arthritis there. Pain kept me awake at night and it would extend to my neck an upper back. The day after my visit to Rhoda’s I was in bed late at night saying my rosary. As late night rosary reciters are prone to do, I fell asleep in the middle of my prayers. I remember being awakened by a strong smell of roses. I also remember thinking of what a nice smell it was. I smelled my sheets to see if maybe it was a fresh laundry smell, but it wasn’t (in fact my sheets were do for a washing!). I then finished my rosary an didn’t think on the rose scent anymore. The next day I was putting up a fence line for my horse. I had to pound the posts with a hammer using my right hand. I remember happily thinking that I must be having a good day, because my shoulder didn’t hurt yet and I’d been at it for awhile. I decided to just continue on with the fencing, about three hours in total and I wondered when my shoulder would give out. Well, it didn’t. I thought that I would pay for over use throughout the next few days, but I didn’t. Since that day my shoulder has not caused me any pain. Work that was really hard for me to do is easy now. My shoulder has a light and for lack of a better word, free feeling to it. When I do alot of manual work other areas of my body naturally get sore, but never my right shoulder. With gratitude and love, NA