2001 was a sad time for members of my family

I would like to share just a few thoughts and memories on time that I spent at the home of Rhoda Wise.  It was in 2001 which was a sad time for members of my family.  My daughter-in-law had suffered two miscarriages after wanting a child deeply.  My daughter who had high hopes of meeting a good man and one day entering marriage repeatedly experienced disappointments through unhealthy relationships.  On Good Friday,2001, I invited these two young women to take a trip to Canton to visit Rhoda Wise home, a kind of pilgrimage for the day.  They said yes and the next thing I recall was witnessing my daughter-in-law with tears rolling down her face trying to accept what was happening to her sitting in the chair Jesus sat in while conversing with Rhoda Wise.  My daughter spent the time walking around the home soaking up the peace and hope presented to her in that holy place.  While praying for them, I also placed petitions in the prayer box that my daughter-in-law would conceive a healthy child and my daughter would meet a godly man through the intercession of St. Therese. the Little Flower.  We shared a peaceful, prayerful time together on the Church’s day of Our Lord’s Passion.

In October of that year, 2001, our son and daughter-in-law traveled to Florida to celebrate their anniversary and shortly after announced to the family that they were expecting a child, my grandson, who was born in June, 2002.  A couple of years later. they conceived another son born in July, 2005.  I praise God through his Son, Jesus, and the intercession of St. Therese and Rhoda Wise.

In 2003, a friend of my daughter who lives in Canton met my then future son-in-law and said to him “You remind me of a friend of mine who has so much in common with you—faith, interests, goals, etc.  I would love for you to meet her, but she is in another relationship.”  My son-in-law said, “I will give you my number.  If she is ever free, give me a call.”  This friend of my daughter had no religious upbringing, knows little about a faith walk, but recognized God’s prompting in this situation. The rest is history.  My daughter for the last time in tears and disappointment broke off that relationship, was introduced to her future husband and was married in late October, 2005.  Yes, he is the godly man that I prayed for at the home of Rhoda Wise in 2001, and God sent through the intercession of St. Therese, my daughter’s patron saint.  They are growing spiritually together enjoying their life in the Church. Praise God for His faithfulness–in His time, not ours.

In the summer of 2007, my daughter went to Canton to spend a couple of days with the friend who had introduced her to her husband.  Out of the blue, while driving along the highway this friend said, “Do you think you could take me to that house where you and your mother prayed?”  My daughter called me for the phone number of Rhoda’s house and within an hour they were there.  While enjoying the beauty of the home and the history it contained, this friend began asking my daughter if she could smell the roses.  My daughter did not, but the insistence of this friend -completely engulfed by the sweet scent of roses -was now puzzled in this mystery.  As they left the house she could not stop thinking about what took place there, and although, as of yet, she has not become Catholic, she is making better choices for her life. has come to a greater respect for herself, and is seeking God through her questions, her thoughts and her experiences.  Once again, I know that in HIs time, He will move her forward through the intercession of Our Blessed Mother, the Little Flower, and Rhoda Wise—and through the memory of the fragrance of those roses.  ML  02/2009