I remember being awakened by a strong smell of roses.

Around mid April this year (2000) I visited the home of Rhoda Wise with two friends. I listened, along with my friends, to Rhoda’s story. We then visited Rhoda’s room and sat on Our Lord’s chair.
In 1986 I was in an accident during a bicycle race in Hawaii. I broke my collarbone and tore all the ligaments in my right shoulder. A year later another accident resulted in the same collarbone being broken. Ever since the first accident I developed alot of day to day pain in my right shoulder. It was considerably weakened and as I got older I began to develop arthritis there. Pain kept me awake at night and it would extend to my neck an upper back. The day after my visit to Rhoda’s I was in bed late at night saying my rosary. As late night rosary reciters are prone to do, I fell asleep in the middle of my prayers. I remember being awakened by a strong smell of roses. I also remember thinking of what a nice smell it was. I smelled my sheets to see if maybe it was a fresh laundry smell, but it wasn’t (in fact my sheets were do for a washing!). I then finished my rosary an didn’t think on the rose scent anymore. The next day I was putting up a fence line for my horse. I had to pound the posts with a hammer using my right hand. I remember happily thinking that I must be having a good day, because my shoulder didn’t hurt yet and I’d been at it for awhile. I decided to just continue on with the fencing, about three hours in total and I wondered when my shoulder would give out. Well, it didn’t. I thought that I would pay for over use throughout the next few days, but I didn’t. Since that day my shoulder has not caused me any pain. Work that was really hard for me to do is easy now. My shoulder has a light and for lack of a better word, free feeling to it. When I do alot of manual work other areas of my body naturally get sore, but never my right shoulder. With gratitude and love, NA