I think I was healed today when I was at the Rhoda Wise house

I was part of a group that visited the Rhoda Wise Home on Saturday, October 13, 2007. I came with a group organized by my sister-in-law. We both prayed there for our daughters who were in need of healing. That evening I went out on my deck and slipped because it was wet. I immediately noticed that my leg felt different. I have suffered for the last 12 years with chronic pain in my hamstring from an injury I got while teaching gymnastics. Over the years the pain has been at different levels, something I can live with, but frustrating because it limits my range of motion significantly. There have been times when it has been much better and then I will aggravate it and will have to start all over again… When I initially injured it, I could barely walk, let alone lead my usual very active lifestyle. I was able to get to a point I could live with it, but never felt it returned to pre-injury flexibility…I re-injured my leg and went to an orthopedic surgeon who determined I had a lot of scar tissue that limited my range of motion. He sent me to physical therapy where I was given ultra-sound treatments and exercises he would run me through. Upon my second round of physical therapy I felt better than I had in a long time, but was told never to run on incline (as on a treadmill with a steep grade). I was told to keep it stretched out at all times by doing flexibility exercises like I would find in yoga… my leg has been about the same until this summer (2007). While at a lake in New York with some friends I got brave and decided to try to water ski. What a mistake, I immediately re-injured my leg and spent 3 days sitting on ice bags and barely able to walk. I have sat in frustration since then spending very frustrating yoga classes barely able to stretch at all. My leg would get a little better and then something would happen to re-injure it again. I slipped at my daughter’s wedding August 11, 2007 and re-injured it. It seemed every time it would get a little bit worse. I had told my husband that in January, 2008 I was going to have to seek a doctor’s help as I could not take the pain. I had started to have lots of dull aches all the way down to my calf. I hate to take medicine to mask the pain but was having to take pain relievers to try to keep it somewhat flexible. This is why I was so stunned on October 13 when I slipped and felt nothing. I came in the house and told my husband,” I think I was healed today when I was at the Rhoda Wise house, sitting in the gold chair that Jesus had sat in.” I don’t know why this was the first thought that popped into my head but it was there. When I sat in the chair at the house I had not even thought about my leg. My rational side thought “No way, I am sure when I go to yoga next week I will still have pain.” I did not ever take a yoga class before I was injured so I have not had a class with such a freedom of movement. I am sure my leg was healed at the home. I am not sure why it was me, I am not deserving of it, and I am not the best Catholic or the most religious person. I do say the rosary everyday, as I feel that nothing has helped shape my children more than this. I have 5 children and feel that the rosary is the perfect prayer because I can say a decade with each one of them in mind… I think there may be no reason exactly why I have been so blessed but I do feel it is important for me to tell this story. I don’t think I am supposed to keep it to myself. KW