My husband was diagnosed with Parkinson’s and Parkinson’s dementia

My husband was diagnosed with Parkinson’s and Parkinson’s dementia. He was unresponsive for a year while I cared for him at home. In early February (2014) our television was on for every Fox 8 broadcast that told the story of Rhoda Wise and her house of miracles. On February 17, I visited the home with my sisters and asked for the grace to continue to care for my husband with joy and peace. I touched the window the miraculous light came through and when I got home touched my husband and prayed for his healing. About ten days later I was startled to hear my husband laughing at something on TV. From that time on, he has continued to improve by the day. He is able to speak and carry on a conversation. He has gone back to church. As a matter of fact, it was while I was holding his hand during the Our Father at Mass that I first noticed he was no longer trembling. He has even called the Bureau of Motor Vehicles to see if he can get his drivers license reinstated. His doctors can give no explanation for the change. I believe it is a miracle and cannot stop myself from telling it. RR