The Holy water from Rhoda Wise Home was very instrumental to our babies’ survival.

In February of this year (2014) my wife and I became pregnant with twins and soon after we discovered that it was a high risk pregnancy. My wife’s OB doctor transferred her to Akron Children’s Fetal Specialist team who quickly diagnosed us with what was already stage three Twin-Twin Transfusion Syndrome (TTTS). Our identical boys were Mo-Di twins meaning same placenta separate sack and by June we were sent to Cincinnati for fetal laser surgery in hopes to correct this dangerous for both babies situation (baby B was donor giving baby A (recipient) way to much of his fluids which if it goes undetected and/or treated is almost always fatal for one or both babies and if one survives it has a host of health problems).

About this time I found out about Rhoda Wise and made a visit to the home, picked up the video and book along with Holy water. About once or twice a week I rubbed a little of the Holy Water on my wife’s belly and prayed for the struggling babies. In Cincinnati she went in for surgery and they were unable to do what they have been able to do successfully in over 800 cases, —my wife’s case was so rare because the umbilical cords were too close together so it was too dangerous. All they could do was an amnio-reduction (drained about 9 oz., of excess fluid from baby A’s sack) and gave us the news that we will likely need to go in for additional amnio- reductions, twice/week ultra sounds, and still high risk for losing one or both of the babies as well as likely premature delivery. They even discussed the possibility of maybe needing to do a medically induced miscarriage of the sicker baby (which at the time was baby A who we planned on naming Luke)…he has excess fluid around the heart and they were very worried because it was way above normal…. in order to increase the chances of saving the healthier baby B (who we wanted to name Cody). We declined that option in hopes and prayer /faith in God that they would both make it through prayer and continued use of the Holy water.

My wife continued the ultrasounds keeping a close eye on all important fluid levels and she never needed another amnio- reduction, however, at around the all-important 24 week mark, Baby B (Cody’s ) fluids started dropping below normal levels. The doctor said if they didn’t come up or continued to drop they would have to induce labor, get the babies out as it would be too dangerous for them to stay in utero. We increased the prayers and Holy water treatments and again, surprisingly, Cody’s fluids started creeping back up to the low end of “normal” level. At 28 weeks and 2 days my wife’s water broke (Aug 15, the Feast of the Assumption) and an emergency C section was performed. Cody was breach so that was another potentially very dangerous situation, but we were completely overjoyed that both babies survived birth! Born 5 seconds apart at 2lbs. 2 oz. each, they had many new challenges. Immediately they were transported from Akron General to Akron Children’s Hospital where they were put on oxygen, feeding tubes, along with a host of other wires/ equipment…

As I write this I am very happy to say that Luke and Cody are now 64 days old, still in the NICU but doing so much better. They are now just over 5lbs each, bottle feeding, and were just taken out of incubators three days ago and are now in cribs! We very much look forward to bringing them home in a few days. We feel that the Holy water from Rhoda Wise Home was very instrumental to our babies’ survival. MD