I could not sleep, eat, or do anything except pray…

My husband and I married in November 2009…we decided to take our honeymoon in March…when we returned, I noticed a peculiar body rash, and then a weird mouth sore. After consulting both my dentist and MD the pain went to my inner ear. I consulted my MD who had no idea what it was but prescribed an antibiotic.

Shortly after finishing the treatment, a terrible thing happened—I developed double vision. It was Good Friday morning that I awoke to feeling my vision was “off”, but I drove to get my hair cut. When I came back home, I laid down feeling exhausted and frustrated. When I arose from a restless catnap everything in the room appeared double. I could barely make it down the stairs to tell my husband.

We contacted my eye doctor who saw us immediately. He sent me home with instructions to go to the ER if it got worse. Early Easter morning we made our way to the ER as the double vision not only split more but started to bounce. Many tests were given. Major illnesses were ruled out. I was referred to an eye specialist who gave me prisms for my glasses and neurologist. I could not sleep, eat, or do anything except pray….

A friend offered to take me to Rhoda Wise’s home. While there I knelt in the altar room and was praying the rosary. Every ounce on me wanted to flee the room. I was anxious and sweating, and had visions of running out of the house. I kept praying for the grace to stay and pray the rosary. As I prayed, tears flowed. I removed my prism glasses and set them down on the floor. Once the rosary was completed I put them back on only to discover that my vision was double when I put them on! I removed my glasses and everything was mono-vision. My vision was straight on. The upper and lower extremities were blurry, but not double. I had to remove the prisms from my glasses to see properly!

When I returned to the doctor several days later, he was surprised to find that I could see and told me he believed in miracles and divine intervention. BmcK