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“Cures more wonderful than your own will take place on this spot.”

Our mission is to participate in the New Evangelization of the Catholic Church by promoting and preserving the legacy of the mystic and stigmatic, Rhoda Wise, with particular attention to her devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, St. Therese, the Little Flower, and the Holy Rosary. We are owned by Rhoda Wise Shrine, Inc., a 501c3 nonprofit corporation organized to preserve the legacy of Rhoda Wise, mystic and stigmatic. May these pages strengthen your faith in the profound love to be found in the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ for each one of us.


Wife. Mother. Convert. Stigmatist.

“You want to know about the grotto. It must be built. I tell you again. It will be the beginning of wonderful things that will happen.”

Jesus to Rhoda June 28, 1944

VIDEO: They Might Be Saints

In Canton, Ohio, Rhoda Wise was well-known as a mystic with many spiritual gifts and healing miracles, one of them experienced by Rita Rizzo, the future Mother Angelica. Michael O’Neill relates her remarkable story. Video courtesy of EWTN

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During my long stay in the hospital, I,  a Protestant, became interested in the Rosary and had one of the Sisters teach me how to say it.   Soon after, I learned about St. Theresa, the Little Flower of Jesus, and became greatly devoted to her, making one novena after another to her.  I then felt  myself drawn to the Catholic Church and after being instructed by Monsignor Habig, the pastor of St. Peter’s Church, I was received into the church by him on January 1st, 1939.

Stories of Healing

  • "When I arrived home I heard  that my husband’s unresolved accident case had been reviewed and a jury trial would begin in a few weeks.  We won the case!  God turned everything in our favor! Oh Lord!  My God!"

  • Completely engulfed by the sweet scent of roses -was now puzzled in this mystery.  As they left the house she could not stop thinking about what took place there, she is now making better choices for her life, has come to a greater respect for herself, and is seeking God through her questions, her thoughts and her experiences

  • Our son and daughter-in-law traveled to Florida to celebrate their anniversary and shortly after announced to the family that they were expecting a child, my grandson, who was born in June, 2002.  A couple of years later. they conceived another son born in July, 2005.  I praise God through his Son, Jesus, and the intercession of St. Therese and Rhoda Wise.

  • My daughter for the last time in tears and disappointment broke off that relationship, was introduced to her future husband and was married in late October, 2005.  Yes, he is the godly man that I prayed for at the home of Rhoda Wise in 2001, and God sent through the intercession of St. Therese, my daughter’s patron saint

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