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Message of the Postulator for the 2024 anniversary celebration

Dear faithful, devotees of the Servant of God Rhoda Wise:

Greetings from Rome! Unfortunately, I cannot be with you this year, but we are in communion of prayer.

The work on the Cause of beatification and canonization is proceeding regularly in the Roman phase: our Collaborator is carrying out the drafting of the Positio super vita, virtutibus et fama sanctitatis of the Servant of God under the guidance of the Relator, whom I met recently and who is very pleased with her work. Therefore, we expect the Positio to be concluded soon and with an excellent result.

A future but crucial step for the progress of the Cause will be the official recognition of a miracle done by God through the intercession of the Servant of God Rhoda Wise. The Shrine often has visits from people from near and far who wish to entrust their intentions to Rhoda’s intercession, and Karen often receives letters and emails testifying to little and big spiritual and material favours received through Rhoda’s intercession. We are in the process of evaluating some of these cases for a possible investigation super miro.

This is why I invite you to continue to pray for the beatification and canonization of our dear Servant of God Rhoda Wise and to bear witness to her intercession in your own lives. I invite anyone who has received a grace from God through her intercession to contact the Shrine and share their testimony. In this journey towards the fullness of the communion of saints, the contribution of each one of us is crucial!

Rhoda wrote in her spiritual diary, on September 20, 1939: “So many people say they never thought so much about God as they have since talking to me and it makes their faith stronger. I am so glad if I can help others and, dear Jesus, make me meek and humble. Help me to lead many souls to Thee.” Let us open our hearts and let Rhoda’s example and intercession help us to enter into an ever more intimate communion of love with our Lord and Saviour.

All very best wishes to all!


Rome, June 23, 2024

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